Pc health check : Test for Windows 11

To check out your PC can run windows 11, download pc health check app from the Microsoft direct link aka.ms/Get PCHealthCheckapp and run to know all system requirement.

System Requirement to download PC health check app

Pc health check app can run only on windows 10 and above version, it is by default available on windows 10 devices and no need to download if your device is already updates. If not that download it from Microsoft website.

Download Pc health check app

To download pc health check app

  1. Go to aka.ms/GetPCHealthCheckapp
  2. WindowsPCHealthCheckSetup.msi file will be downloaded automatically
  3. Double click to install WindowsPCHealthCheckSetup.msi
  4. Once done, run Pc check check app

Check Windows 11 Compatibility using Pc health check

To check whether your Pc is compatible to run windows 11, test using Pc health check app.

  • Open Pc health check app
  • Click on Check Now
  • You will get Message ” This Pc is compatible for Windows 11″
  • You will get windows update, Click on Update to install windows 11.